Why Attend?

Why Exporters Should Attend: 

  • Connect directly with other international companies seeking new trading partners and manufacturing inputs.
  • Receive the latest information on current and pending public tenders being prepared and administered by the Government of Ukraine.
  • Find new cooperation partners from around the globe, the region, and Ukraine, directly.

Why Foreign Direct Investors Should Attend:

  • First access and exposure to the latest investment opportunities and projects being planned in Ukraine and the region
  • Build alliances and consortiums with global counterparts to maximize the impact of your investments, in and around the region
  • Connect directly with high level Ukrainian and regional leadership seeking to advance multilateral public-private cooperation amongst international partners

Why Economic Development Organizations Should Attend:

  • Gain deep insights into current logistics and supply chain issues, sourcing redistributions, and the changing landscape of opportunities to connect and integrate with Ukrainian and regional producers to increase the value of all touchpoints along our rapidly evolving international supply chains
  • Connect with buyers looking to replace legacy manufacturing inputs and sanctioned vendors
  • Coordinate with regional and global counterparts to help equalize increasing supply chain imbalances, regionally and further downstream
  • Hold bilateral meetings with global companies seeking international partners

Why Investment Promotion Agencies Should Attend:

  • Direct access to regional and global investors with an active interest in supporting Ukraine and the broader region.
  • Learn how to effectively align your own objectives and public mandates with the broader international community to ensure that your attraction activities support. Ukrainian economic continuity, while simultaneously increasing the prosperity of your constituents.
  • Connect with counterparts to discuss multilateral cooperation, share investment practices know-how and exchange new best practices, evolving as a result of the war and its follow-on consequences.
  • Hear directly from leaders of regional IPAs and EDOs as they share the concrete steps their organizations are taking in support of shared goals.

Why Chambers of Commerce Should Attend?

International, Regional, and Local Chambers of Commerce play a key role in the coordination of economic activity within and between their respective constituencies and the Ukrainian economy. This unprecedented event will allow Chambers of Commerce to network with regional and global business leaders across government and industry, find new opportunities to connect their members with, and build relationships with counterparts from around the world to better coordinate a collective response to the crisis.