Who is Attending?

1 Event – 1000 Global Leaders

  • Advisors, service providers, and associations facilitating foreign direct investment (FDI) in Ukraine, Europe, and/or elsewhere in the world
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Businesses looking for alternative sourcing arrangements
  • Buyers of Ukraine products and/or services
  • Chambers of commerce (local, state, national, international and sectoral)
  • Diplomatic corps (ambassadors, consuls and trade commissioners)
  • Energy industry investors, utilities, oil & gas companies, and mining companies
  • Export service providers
  • Foreign government decision makers
  • Global CEOs & executives
  • Government ministers, ministry chief executive officers and agency directors in charge of ministries of foreign affairs, trade and investment, agriculture, food security, energy, defense, social welfare, and innovation
  • Humanitarian organizations, aid agencies, charities, donors, and allied organizations
  • Industry associations and business leadership organizations
  • Infrastructure construction and design firms
  • International and European-based logistics and supply chain companies
  • International service providers
  • Investors with financial interests in Ukraine and/or neighboring countries
  • Legislators with an interest in EU development, public policy, economic development, defense, export promotion, and food security
  • Marketing & business development managers
  • Multinational firms, companies, and consortia
  • Public policy experts
  • Regional and national economic development organizations, export promotion agencies, and investment promotion agencies
  • Senior-level Fortune 500 business leaders, including COOs, CFOs, CMOs and CSOs
    Venture capital firms, private equity firms and family offices
Hon. Lisa (Yelyzaveta) Yasko Head of interparliamentary cooperation, bilateral and multilateral relations, Commitee on Foreign Affairs & interparliamentary cooperation
EDVINS BERZINS, President of Ukrainian Logistics Alliance | CEO of WIN WIN Solutions | Council Member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Hon. Halyna Yanchenko. Member of Parliament of Ukraine. National Investment Council at the President of Ukraine
Krzysztof Drynda, President, Polish Investment and Trade Agency
Eva Jungmannova, Director of Investment and Foreign Operations, Czech Invest
Andrei Spînu, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development
Direct Access to Decision-Makers
Take advantage of this once-only opportunity to gain direct access to government officials, agency directors, and corporate decision-makers - in Ukraine, Moldova, Turkiye, and the world.