Speakers Mrs. Zaiga Liepiņa
Mrs. Zaiga Liepina, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of Economics
Mrs. Zaiga Liepiņa
Deputy State Secretary, Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia
WEB SITE: www.em.gov.lv

Ms Zaiga Liepiņa is the Deputy State Secretary at the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia since 2001. Her portfolio includes the EU and international economic relations. Ms Zaiga Liepiņa is also responsible for Single Market Policy issues including competitiveness and growth, consumer protection, competition, and standardization. From July 2014 to December 2015, she has also been elected as a Chair for the European Union Council’s High level working group on competitiveness and growth. Above all, she has an extensive experience and knowledge in external trade and investment area, including advancing Latvia’s accession to the World Trade Organization and later to the European Union, as well as introducing euro in Latvia and actively promoting Latvia’s trade interests.

She has more than 25 years’ experience in the government sector. Her previous experience is related with diplomatic sector and external trade relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia. Ms Liepiņa has previously served on the Board of the non-profit organization SJSC “Privatization Agency” as well as on the Council of JSC “Rigas Siltums”, the main heat supplier of Riga, and SJSC “Mortgage Bank”.

Ms Zaiga Liepiņa holds degrees in Economics and in International Economics and Law from the University of Latvia. She has also studied at the United Business Institute in Brussels, Belgium.

She speaks Latvian, English and Russian.