Speakers Serhiy Haydaychuk
Serhiy Haydaychuk, Founder and President of CEO Club Ukraine
Serhiy Haydaychuk
Founder and President of CEO Club Ukraine

Serhiy Haydaychuk is founder and president of CEO Club Ukraine, a leading business community that has been uniting business leaders for development, communication and cooperation for over 10 years. Serhiy is an expert in building business communities, with more than a dozen successfully launched community-based projects: Young Business Club, Ukrainian Real Estate Club, Ukrainian branch of YPO, Club-100, Editors Club, etc. Serhiy Haydaychuk is also an author of the book “The Club. The art of uniting”, where he describes his experience of creating a successful community in Ukraine.

During the full scale war, Serhiy contributed to the uniting of the leading Ukrainian business communities and associations in the Coalition for the Modernization of Ukraine. He is one of the co-founders Soborna Ukraine is an international nonprofit organization that is focused on providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine, working to rebuild Ukraine’s infrastructure and accelerate the growth of its market economy.